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AGGRESSIVE AGRICULTOR [Fra] Pigs not dead CD (Mass Prod / Motocultör Prod / Prod Tomahwak) 2011

27 juin 2011

Aaaaaaaargh, this fourth album is finally (this was recorded between 2007 and 2009 !) out ! The first real full-lenght since 1996’s Adieu toi je t’aimais bien !! AGGRESSIVE AGRICULTOR is a French crazy thrashing punk gang and exists since 1986 ! These real legends mix powerfull punk / hardcore, old school thrash and sarcastic, humorous or totally stupid lyrics about farming and countryside. But don’t mock too fast, this band was founded by skillful musicians as you’ll quicky notice ! These 14 tracks (including three re-recordings of old classics and one cover) feature fucking great thrashing punk hits with a well-settled drum-machine and a very good general production ! This is a pro release encoffined in a sehr schön digipak ! Check it out now !!!


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